"Summit provides not only the equipment but the expertise. We have many varied applications of material handling equipment. We always get the right product for the right price."- Aerospace Manufacturer, E. Hartford, CT.

"Maintenance service is crucial to many aspects of our plant. Summit keeps our lift trucks up and running via their full maintenance lease program. We pay only for what we need"- Manufacturer and Distributor, E. Longmeadow, MA.

"We need large lifts with customized attachments. Our equipment is run long, hard hours requiring a partner that provides state of the art equipment and well trained technicians. Summit provides it all."- Drywall Manufacturer, Buchanan, NY.

"Operator Training is more necessary now than ever. Because of our varied styles of equipment we require a trainer with experience in the equipment aspect as well as a safety expert. Summit’s ‘hands on’ training was customized for my company with more than just classroom."- Medical Supply Distributor, Trumbull, CT.

"Since I do my own repairs I need a company that gets me the right replacement part. Summit does this for me."- Maintenance Manager, Southington, CT.

"I am responsible for a fleet of lift trucks for our stores in the Northeast. Replacing worn tires before they cause problems with my lifts used to be an issue. Summit’s planned replacement program eliminates this problem and has resulted in lower overall maintenance expense."- Home Improvement Center, Northeast Region

"Our business is extremely high cycle. We need to get our products to our stores when the customer needs it. Our lift truck fleet is counted on as that crucial link. Summit has maintained our fleet for many years now. I recommend them wholeheartedly."- Appliance Distributor, Farmingdale, NY.

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