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Get ready for the Electric Vehicle revolution

Get ready for the Electric Vehicle revolution

Electric vehicles are finally becoming more mainstream. As a result, your dealership will endure some significant changes due to the inclusion of battery-powered cars.

We know you’re in the process of training your frontline and transforming the sales journey. You’re reshaping your F&I to tailor to EV-specific maintenance needs, while also rethinking the residual values of ICE and BEV vehicles.

One of the biggest challenges is with the lithium-ion battery, itself. As your team works to electrify your business, you’re going to need help with the heavy lifting. Literally. With lithium-ion batteries weighing as much as 1,800 lbs., you’re going to need the right tools to move these batteries around your service centers.

Let us help as you transition your dealership toward electric vehicles. Call us at 203-239-5351 or fill out the form for a free consultation today.

A Forklift for Your Dealership Can Improve Operational Efficiency

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