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XC Series Mid Electric Outdoor Lithium-ion

Hangcha XC Series Mid Electric Outdoor Lithium-ion

Hangcha has extended the load capacity range of the XC Series lithium-ion forklifts to 11,000lbs. Designed around the battery, these forklifts offer a stable, high power, reliable, and maintenance-free alternative to the traditional core IC forklifts.

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XC Series Mid Electric Outdoor Lithium-ion

  •  Thanks to lithium-ion technology, this forklift features opportunity charging. This means that the forklift can work through several shifts, charging during breaks, without needing to stop for hours to recharge. Combined with regenerative braking during deceleration, the powertrain is designed with efficiency in mind.
  •  An ultra-high power AC pump motor is used. The system is highly efficient and offers complete protection functions, built-in speed sensors, and temperature sensors to greatly improved the reliability and life span of the motor.
  • These forklifts are designed to have an operating space more than 50% larger than a traditional electric forklift.
  • The 4” color LCD instrument panel in the driver’s cab is positioned overhead and can be seen when the driver lifts their head. This also allows for easy access to the function buttons.
  • The ergonomically designed tilt-adjustable small-diameter steering wheel combined with a seat with 8.3“ of adjust-ability allows the operator to find their optimal driving position. This allows the operator to be more productive.
  • The large brake pedal and regenerative braking function effectively reduces driver fatigue.
  • The emergency cut-off switch is equipped as apart of the standard configuration.
  •  The standard configuration provides a fork descending buffering function (soft landing feature). In addition, an optional electronic control function for buffering the fork when lifting is provided to protect the goods from falling and damaging the ground.
  • The optional descending lock function disables the mast from descending when the operator leaves the forklift’s seat.
  • The optional alarm buzzer for the handbrake prompts the operator to pull up the handbrake before leaving the truck.
  •  The XC Series forklifts have a PIN code system for safety and security. 99 sets of PIN codes are available for the administrator to assign to keep irrelevant personnel from starting the forklift.
  •  The XC Series forklifts can have up to three horn buttons. The driver’s steering wheel (standard), Grammer fingertip control armrest (optional), and rear reverse grip horn button (optional) are all used for alerting and protecting people in the surrounding area.
  • The rear axle connects to the newly designed chassis via a floating suspension system. The floating suspension system, combined with the MOSFET controller automatically decelerating while turning, improves stability and operator comfort.
  •  The MOSFET integrated control system ensures smooth and accurate driving and lifting control. It also provides excellent speed regulation, regenerative braking, reverse braking, and anti-sliding on ramps. The MOSFET integrated control system adds to the safety and reliability of the XC series forklifts.
  •  The high-power AC traction motor bolts to the chassis via a bridge-type structure for increased stability.
  •  The controller, connectors, battery plug, and emergency switch are all parts from industry-known suppliers to ensure reliability, performance, and ease of service.
  • Pin Code and Card Entry
  • Non-Marking Solid Tires
  • Left and Right Rearview Mirrors
  • Backup Camera
  • Front & Rear Blue Lights
  • Rear Working Lights
  • Lithium Battery Charger
  • Cold Storage
  • Rear Grip with Horn Button
  • Operator Presence System
  • Triple Multi-Way Valve
  • Quadruple Multi-Way Valve
  • Quintuple Multi-Way Valve
  • Widened / Heightened Load Backrest
  • Widened Fork Carriage
  • Other Dimension Forks
  • Full Free Lift 2 Stage Mast
  • Full Free Lift 3 Stage Mast
  • Side Shifter
  • Other Specialty Options
  • Grammer MSG531 Suspension Seat
  • Grammer Fingertip Control Armrest System


8,000 - 11,000 lbs. LOAD CAPACITY

* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Hangcha dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Hangcha dealer prior to purchase.