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7 Series PLUS Reach Truck

Doosan 7 Series PLUS Reach Truck

Doosan’s new 7 Series PLUS Reach Truck combines outstanding performance, durability and convenience with the highest level of safety features, making your warehouse logistics more productive and efficient. This Narrow Aisle specialist can help maximize your storage space.

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7 Series PLUS Reach Truck

  • Quiet, Powerful AC Motors
  • Height Indicator with Multiple Height Pre-sets
  • Multifunction Joystick Control w/ Ergonomic Buttons
  • Robust Frame w/ Bolt-On Load Wheel Boxes
  • Heavy-Duty Wheel Bearings (Casters & Load Wheels)
  • Advanced Digital Display
  • Responsive, Rugged Foot Pedal Switches
  • Smooth Transition Mast Raising/Lowering
  • Precise Lifting Control

The operator compartment is filled with a variety of ergonomically designed features, allowing the operator to work efficiently with less fatigue

  • The side-stance orientation allows full visibility to the rear when traveling in reverse. The wide rear opening and the low step height make entering and exiting quick and effortless
  • The mast supports are angled for improved operator visibility
  • Smooth electronic power steering is precise and positioned for comfort and control
  • The auxiliary power outlets, work lights, dome light and optional fan package promote greater productivity. Other options include a pre-height selector for faster throughput and less damage
  • Built-in storage areas for a clipboard, beverage and smaller items, all within easy reach
  • Doosan’s instinctive multi-function control handle is ergonomically positioned to provide easy access to all controls. The ability to operate multiple functions simultaneously increases
  • The digital display offers an array of important information, such as hours used, travel speed, selectable performance modes, diagnostics, steer wheel angle and battery state of charge
  • The padded operator’s compartment includes a knee pad, back pad and a thigh pad for comfort. The adjustable armrest accommodates operators of various sizes and allows the operator to vary driving positions for more comfort

Auto Centering Drive Tire

  • At start up, the drive tire will automatically center in the forward direction to prevent accidental movement in the wrong direction and potential damage or injury

Cushioned Mast Reach Cylinders

  • The Doosan manufactured mast and pantograph feature built-in hydraulic load cushioning to make load handling steady and safe

GSS (Guardian Stability System)

  • Decreased travel speed (up to 50%) when the mast is raised above the primary stage
  • Alarm sounds when the mast is raised above the primary stage
  • Automatic turn deceleration provides an extra margin of safety by slowing travel while turning
  • Auto-tilt function for automatically takes carriage back to zero point for added safety

Operator Sensing System (OSS)

  • Continuously monitors systems to assure maximum safety
  • Mast Lowering Interlock – If the operator keys off, or gets off the seat, the hydraulic lift and tilt locking system will limit the motion of the truck
  • Hydraulic locks prevent hydraulic lift when lowering and tilting

Side Stance for Superior View

  • The side-stance orientation allows full visibility to the rear when traveling in reverse. The wide rear opening and the low step height make entering and exiting quick and effortless

Lower Maintenance Costs

  • AC motors require virtually no maintenance and the Curtis On-board Diagnostics (OBD) make troubleshooting quick & easy.
  • The spring tension on the stabilizing caster can be easily adjusted for a smooth and stable ride.
  • The rear door allows easy access to main components. It enables easier and quicker maintenance.
  • The swing out service door and removable cover panels provide convenient access to all major components speeding repair time and reducing downtime.
  • Water-tight Silicon Seals for Durability. Electrical connections are sealed with silicon to prevent water from penetrating and causing short circuits.
  • Low Maintenance, Heavy Duty Transaxle. Manufactured to strict tolerances which help reduce heat buildup and extend service life.
  • On-board Thermal Protection. Controller & Motor Cutback System offers excellent protection to the drive and lift motors for added reliability and durability in demanding applications.


3,500 - 4,000 lbs.LOAD CAPACITY
BR18SP-7 PLUS56127289233,5001036
BR20SP-7 PLUS56140318234,0001036

* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Doosan dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Doosan dealer prior to purchase.