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Narrow Aisle Articulating LP Gas Forklift

Bendi Narrow Aisle Articulating LP Gas Forklift


The Bendi model B40i5 works in aisles as narrow as 78 in., has a base capacity of 4,000 lbs. at 24 in. load center and has lift heights available to 30 ft. The LP Gas engine provides the ability to run 24/7 without battery changing or charging. 

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Narrow Aisle Articulating LP Gas Forklift

The B40i5 is a 4-wheel articulating forklift with dual rear-drive tires and soft-poly front load tires. The hydrostatic drive provides excellent traction and braking, high-speed capability and power to enable climbing steep ramps with loads. Three or four stage masts are available making this unit excellent for loading/unloading trailers, containers and highway trailers. The B40i5 can work inside and outside on paved surfaces and has a floating front axle allowing the truck to ride smoothly over uneven floors. The Bendi B40i5 does all of the jobs of reach and counterbalanced trucks but in much narrower aisles.

  • Four-wheel design, dual rear wheel drive provides excellent power, braking and traction with fast travel speeds
  • Integrated on demand Tier III fuel system provides efficient control over engine RPM ensuring maximized fuel efficiency
  • Dash display with hour meter, fuel gauge and engine monitoring
  • Integral wide stroke sideshifter makes placing and picking loads effortless
  • DuraSteer front wheel hydraulic steering provides smooth, reliable, long-lasting steering control
  • Engine RPM is controlled automatically for all hydraulic functions without the need for an inching pedal
  • Ergonomic design for exceptional operator comfort and safety
  • High visibility mast allows optimum safety and control
  • Hydrostatic braking assures automatic smooth and safe braking when the operator removes foot from the accelerator pedal
  • Via-sonic fuel level sensor with 99.5% accuracy
  • Simplified maintenance, diagnostics and calibration performed through the dash display