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Large Tow Tractor

Toyota Large Tow Tractor

Generous pulling power, low operating expense. With that combination, it’s no wonder aviation professionals are big on the Toyota Large Tow Tractor. Up to 59500 pounds of towing power and an extremely tight turning radius suit it for heavy-duty towing operations in crowded, busy environments. Clean 80-Volt AC Power is ideal for the budget-conscious and better for the environment.

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Large Tow Tractor

  • 80-Volt AC drive system
  • Hydraulic power steering
  • Power select function
  • Automatic regenerative braking
  • Fixed rear axle
  • Full floating rear axle with leaf spring suspension2
  • 2-speed travel speed control
  • Onboard diagnostic & warning system
  • Front leaf spring suspension
  • Programmable speed control
  • Slope sensing auto-power mode
  • Infinitely adjustable tilt steering wheel
  • Dual action parking brake
  • Low entry step height
  • Heavy-duty vinyl seat
  • Column mounted LCD display & Direction Control1
  • Dash mounted LCD display
  • Driver’s side grab bar
  • Multifunction display includes:
    – Battery capacity indicator
    – Speedometer
    – 2-speed travel control indicator
    – Parking brake indicator
    – Power select function indicator
    – Battery overdischarge warning
    – Battery remaining charge warning
    – Overheat warning
    – Parking brake on/off alarm
    – Return to neutral warning
    – Travel speed alarm
    – Diagnostic indicator
    – 5-function trip & hour meter
    – Calendar & clock
    – Power meter
    – Slope sensing auto-power mode-selector indicator
    – Wheel indicator
    – Seat ON hour meter
    – Maintenance hour meter
    – QR code display
    – Brake fluid level warning
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)
  • Parking brake alarm
  • Asbestos-free components
  • Anti-rollback function
  • Electric horn
  • Front disc/rear drum hydraulic brakes
  • Emergency power disconnect
  • Recessed LED front headlights
  • LED front & rear combination lights
  • Easy access for all maintenance items
  • Battery hood assist damper with lock device
  • Battery side extraction
  • Rear combination lights
  • Rear work light
  • Turn signal lights
  • Back up alarm
  • Rearview mirrors (right & left sides)
  • Tow hitch view mirror
  • Suspension seat
  • Passenger seat
  • Passenger side grip
  • Bumper (front, side, & rear)
  • Document box on dash
  • Auxiliary load platform on battery compartment lid
  • Rear inching controls
  • Left or right hand direction switch (push forward for forward)
  • GSE-style direction switch (pull back for forward)
  • Outside charging plug
  • Rear fender-mounted battery connector with quick release
  • Special paint
  • Heater with defroster (cabin only)
  • Steel cabin with doors, roof window
  • Steel sunshade cabin (front, top, & rear glass – no doors)
  • Rearview mirror (center, cabin only)
  • Rear double-stage pin-type hitch
  • Front single pin-type hitch


138 - 142 in.OVERALL LENGTH
56 - 57 in.OVERALL WIDTH

Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Toyota dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Toyota dealer prior to purchase.