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7 Series Electric Walkie Pallet

Doosan 7 Series Electric Walkie Pallet

The Doosan 7 Series Electric Walkie Pallet Jack makes pulling product through the warehouse easy and efficient. Along with Doosan's Walkie Stacker and Electric Rider, the 7 Series Electric Walkie Pallet Jack makes for an amazing lineup. Fit for loading and unloading trucks in small, tight spaces, the walkie pallet jack will get the job done.

New & Used Models Available for Purchase or Rent


7 Series Electric Walkie Pallet

  • Curtis solid state controllers provide smooth acceleration and seamless directional control. Its Regenerative Braking feature adds energy back to the battery to improve efficiency.
  • CAN Bus technology reduces the number of connections, making the system less complicated and more reliable.
  • 4-Deep cycle batteries and 20 amp built in charger – 185 AH capacity

Operator Friendly

  • Ergonomically designed control handle for all day comfort.

Pallet Entry Rollers

  • Eases pallet entry and exit.

Convenient Storage Compartment

  • Included on our Walkie Rider/Walkie Stacker trucks to hold those items that the operator needs to get the job done.

Low Speed/Brake Override Switch

  • Allows creep speed orientation with handle in upright position

Dual Lift Cylinders

  • Increases stability by lifting loads evenly and smoothly

Stability Skids

  • Easily replaceable, polyurethane skids provide stability on uneven surfaces

Efficient Design

  • With AC Power, you will benefit from faster acceleration, more torque, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance costs due to the brush-less design.

Hour Meter/BDI

  • All Doosan Powered Walkie trucks come standard with an Hour Meter/Battery Discharge Indicator to keep track of hours used and reserve battery power at a glance.



* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Doosan dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Doosan dealer prior to purchase.