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Toyota Forklift Repairs

Toyota Forklift Repairs

Toyota forklifts are built to be the best, but sometimes even the most reliable forklift equipment needs repairs. When you need Toyota forklift repair, Summit offers Toyota 360 Support, which is designed to save you money, downtime, and headaches, and get your forklifts back up and running as soon as possible.

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Toyota Forklift Repairs

If you are in need of Toyota forklift repair in CT or Toyota forklift repair in NY or MA, Summit has a large fleet of mobile technicians across all three states, so we’re always ready to get you up and running quickly. In fact, if you have a breakdown during business hours, Summit guarantees a four-hour response time for repair calls.

And with Toyota 360 Support, you can be sure that forklift repairs stay fixed. Toyota 360 Support offers a two-year warranty on parts and labor if replacement parts fail.