You don’t always have to buy a forklift. In the new economy, when evaluating the necessity of having a forklift, many businesses have found it more efficient to rent for a variety of reasons:

Seasonal Demand – Short-term forklift rentals are an economical way to meet demand during your busiest seasons and inventory time. For businesses with dramatic shifts in inventory needs, eliminating time when your forklifts may not be in use can potentially be a large cost-savings.

Unexpected Demand – When handling sudden increases in demand in production or growth, rental units can help you in this pinch. They can also help you avoid unbudgeted charges from shippers by expediting your unloading cycle.

Emergency Replacement – Downtime because of an incapacitated forklift can cause a major hit to your bottom line. A short-term rental unit in support of your fleet will keep your company operating efficiently.

Rare Use – Occasionally, you need a certain piece of equipment to get a job done. That’s a perfect time for a rental. Only have one when you need it!

Product Evaluation – A short term forklift rental allows you to evaluate how a given model will perform under your actual field conditions prior to purchase or leasing commitment.

What to look for in your rental and who to rent from: Productivity, Safety; Ease of operation; Selection; Works closely with you to determine your equipment needs; Commitment to operator performance & comfort; Helps to choose the right forklift for the job; Good machine-to-application fits; Cushion tire or pneumatic; Service; Commitment to your satisfaction; On-time delivery; Price competitive; Highly trained service technicians.

Rent a Forklift


How to Get the Right Rental: Communicate with your Rental Expert. Let them know exactly what type of truck you need. Below is a checklist to ensure you get the right truck, at the right price:

What is the size and weight of the products being moved?

Where is the Rental truck needed?

Is it an Indoor or outdoor application?

What kind of surface?

Any height restrictions?

Is it ground or dock drop?

If propane, do you need it provided or do you have a filling station?

If electric, do you have an appropriate charging station?

How long a Rental period?


For forklift rental in New York, Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, the choice to make is Summit Handling Systems, Inc. With over 50 years’ experience in the Material Handling Industry, We will help you find the right forklift for your application at the right price.   Contact us today, (203) 239-5351 or e-mail Richard Randich at

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