Free Pre-Shift Safety Inspection Checklist

National Forklift Safety Day 2017

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Operator Training: It’s the Law. OSHA Regulation: 29CFR1910.178(l)

The  Employer:

▪ Must train
▪ Must evaluate
▪ Must certify
▪ Must re-train in the event of a(n):

▪ Accident
▪ Near miss
▪ Observed unsafe behavior
▪ Change in equipment or operating conditions

▪ Must re-evaluate every 3 years

Why  Operator  Safety  Training?

▪ 70% of all industrial accidents are caused by operator error (National Safety Council).
▪ Effective training may reduce accident rates by 25-30% (OSHA).
▪ Following forklift operator training, OSHA found a 61% improvement in operator performance scores (OSHA).

No  Underage  Operators

▪ Fair Labor Standards Act regulations prohibit people under 18 years old from operating forklifts in non-agricultural settings.
▪ Minimum age for agriculture is 16 years.
▪ Department of Labor forklift sticker can be used to emphasize the message:


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