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Our friend, and long-time employee of Summit Handling Systems, Andrew (AJ) Sorano is retiring and moving to South Carolina with his wife, Margaret. AJ has worked here since January 23, 1995 and his last day is August 1, 2014.

Let’s go back in time… In 1995, Hootie and the Blowfish was the biggest name in music, Braveheart was a summer blockbuster, and AJ joined our team! He came to us as a Customer Service Specialist (CSS) from a competitor and had previously owned his own business in New Haven. Since then, AJ has been a CSS and Lift Truck Operator Training expert.

AJ is dedicated, dependable and detailed. He is passionate and has a wealth of knowledge. Because of this, he has won multiple CSS of the Year and Salesman of the Year awards. In fact, he won CSS of the year in 2014!

His last “Train The Trainer” class will be on July 18th, and anyone interested in becoming our Operator Training expert should contact us. But, you should be warned, these are large shoes to fill!

So, AJ Sorano is retiring to South Carolina, where he’ll be fishing, clamming, walking and reading to his heart’s content. He says he might even learn to play golf. In six months, ask him the most obscure golf rule you can think of. AJ will know it and be able to tell you all about it. Without a doubt.

Summit Handling Systems will miss our co-worker and friend. We look forward to his visits when he is back in our area.

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