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Space limitations are of a growing concern in many of our warehouses today. Whether it is because your facility is located in an urban setting, you’ve experienced dramatic growth in inventory or your square footage makes it logical to go up instead of out in order to gain space. Consider narrow aisle forklifts for part of the solution to shrinking warehouse space.

Conventional rack storage systems were designed for the counterbalanced lift truck which requires about a 12 ft. (144 in) aisle width. Narrow aisle storage systems provide more storage space per square foot, but require equipment designed specifically for narrow aisles such as reach trucks and order pickers.

Summit Handling Systems provides equipment specialized for handling such specific warehouse needs. Contact us to review your particular campus, get your input and discuss the most efficient options available in today’s market.

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Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle truck


The Bendi Electric Narrow Aisle trucks are available with three-stage masts, with lift heights up to 41′ (12.5M). Four-stage masts also are available on all 4-wheel models for lift heights up 26′ (7.92M), giving the Bendi high stacking ability, while allowing the low mast height necessary to work in highway trailers or travel through low doorways. Electric capacities range from 3,000 lb. (1363kg) to 5,500 lb. (2500kg). Stacking aisle sizes range from 63″ (1.6M) to 84″ (2.14M) depending on load size, capacity and lift height required.

The Bendi can also work in bulk storage and congested manufacturing areas, push-back, double-deep rack and drive-in rack systems, rail cars, and outdoors. The Bendi comes standard with a wide-stroke side-shifter and can be equipped with a variety of hydraulic attachments to further enhance its versatility. (These include integral fork positioner, paper roll clamps, single/double pallet handlers, double deep reach forks, push/pull, drum-clamp and a carton clamp.)

The Bendi electric has a 48 Volt AC electrical control system with the latest in AC control and motor technology. Efficient use of battery power results in longer run times between charges and lower operating temperatures.

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