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This product is a Scale Model and not a “Toy!”

It’s true- it says this right on the box!

If it were a real-life forklift, these would be the specs:

-Great for Forklift Enthusiasts

-Zink Alloy construction

-Faux Electric Counter-Balance

-Solid Plastic Pneumatic Tires ready for indoor/outdoor use

-Lack of motor makes truck run silent

-No motor means no maintenance

-Includes Genuine Plastic Toyota Pallet in Light Blue

-Can hold over 30 Business Cards (I checked)

-Easily Transportable

-No Rental or Lease Program available

-0% Financing on Cash or Credit Card Purchase

-NOT safe to Drive (I checked)

Dozens of models to choose from to fit your Business Needs.

To order or to find out more information, please contact the Summit ToyotaLift Parts Department.

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