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CombiLift Straddle Carrier

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Combilift is known for its innovative line of forklifts, which offer a fresh perspective on material handling.  In the right application, these trucks streamline operations via their unparalleled maneuverability and distinctive shape.  Combilift’s Straddle Carrier (SC) provides the same benefits, offering a compact design that’s customizable to suit the demands of a particular workplace.

Straddle carriers are similar to cranes in that they lift from the top, yet they resemble forklifts in their ability to carry a load along the ground. The Combi-SC offers optimum load security on a frame that’s compact enough to get in and out of warehouses.  It requires fewer people to operate than a crane does, moves equipment safely and efficiently, and has a capacity of up to 180,000 pounds.

The Combi-SC can also be operated remotely, allowing for maximum visibility and maneuverability. The machine is offered with a telescopic option, allowing users to double-stack equipment.  Further customizations include a long load application, concrete, modular buildings, structural steel, multiple use, and various suspended load applications. The SC’s suspended load aviation application is even fitted with lasers to ensure safe handling of aircraft engines.

Combilift’s consultants visit worksites so that each machine is specifically engineered for each customer’s needs. They oversee assembly and provide hands-on training. Combilift’s dedication to innovation and customization makes the Combi-SC a potential fit for a myriad of applications.  It is quite possibly a safer, more efficient and cost-effective option than a crane or forklift.

Summit Handling Systems, Inc. (SHS) is the region’s fastest growing material handling equipment dealer. In business over 50 years, SHS employs experienced personnel eager to provide solutions for your material handling operation.  SHS is an exclusive Combilift dealer.  For more information about the Combi-SC, contact us today!

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