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In today’s business climate, adaptability is key. With an improving economy comes increased forklift truck fleet usage. At Summit ToyotaLift, we provide equipment options to help customers adapt to this increased demand. Some material handling managers decide to purchase new or used equipment. Others opt for short term rentals.

Why would they do that?

For one, most all businesses have peak and slow periods.  The aim is to weather these ebbs and flows resourcefully.  As forklifts are concerned, this means getting trucks when they’re needed and returning them before they become a burden.  A reputable company has a variety of well-maintained equipment that’s ready when you are and removed as soon as you’re done with it.  Summit ToyotaLift has a local presence—and a local focus.  Our large fleet consists of trucks for all applications with greater specification diversity than do our ‘one size fits all’ national competitors.  We’re best prepared to handle what you throw at us!

Renting for the short term also is advantageous to see what new industry innovations are available; to experiment with a Narrow Aisle solution for shrinking warehouse space; try on a larger lift capacity for that new vendor delivering 10,000 lb. pallets; or to try electric vs. propane. Renting can allow the facility to “try before you buy,” so you’re one hundred percent confident when you invest in a forklift.

As technology advances and businesses adjust, renting material handling equipment is a great way to keep your facility running efficiently.  Summit has a dedicated rental department that includes a vast fleet of units from Toyota, Bendi, Taylor, Mariotti, JLG, and Bobcat. Renting material handling equipment empowers Facility and Operations Managers to overcome the numerous obstacles that impede productivity.

Would you like a Material Handling expert to discuss rental options with you? Summit Handling Systems, Inc. (SHS) is the Northeast’s fastest growing material handling equipment dealer. In business over 50 years, SHS employs experienced personnel eager to provide solutions for your material handling operation. Whether we’re providing quality new, used, rental equipment or fleet maintenance, customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Contact us today!

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