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Customer Service Reps


Whether you have purchased a forklift from a dealership or looked for the right service plan, you have met a Customer Service Rep (CSR). Individuals that are in these positions can be considered the “Concierge” for your dealership communications.

A quality CSR is a wealth of knowledge. Not only will they be able to answer any questions about the products they represent, but they have the overall knowledge about the history and reliability of other products. A CSR will also be aware of upcoming advances in technology and how that could apply to your business. They will apply this knowledge to the unique applications of your business and get you on the proper maintenance schedule.

Get to know your CSR! This is your dealership connection not only for maintenance, but for parts, repairs, tires, rentals, sales and even operator training. Your CSR will know about your needs and be able to communicate them to the correct department, getting you the efficient, professional attention you deserve. As computer technology changes and billing processes are more automated, a CSR can aid you in any billing or invoicing issues, and place you with the person who can communicate with you to answer your questions.

Because of their applied knowledge and the variety of worksites they encounter, your CSR can provide their expertise for safety and warehouse efficiencies. If the logistics are beyond the addition of the correct forklifts, they can refer you to the proper warehousing specialists. But talk to your CSR about your businesses seasonality. Good planning for busy and slow seasons can help your bottom line as well as prepare your operation for smooth transitions.

Many warehouses are considering gas-to-electric conversions for their fleet. Bringing your CSR into the conversation can help you with a long-term plan and get you the accurate financial investment you will need to weigh the pros and cons.

The CSR for your lift trucks is an asset for you to use and rely on. Let them be a resource- it pays to have intelligent people on your side!

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