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Maire Sullivan

Thursday, May 8, 2014 is Marie Sullivan’s last day of working at Summit ToyotaLift. After 17 years of work, our Service Administrator has decided to call it a day! After doing some part time work to be home with her young children, Marie took a full-time position working for another Forklift Dealership. Marie then joined our team on December 16, 1996, working in our Service Department.

Over the years, she has developed wonderful working relationships with long-time techs, saying that they have always been respectful and fun. It’s her co-workers that Marie will miss the most! She is passionate about equality and is a great example of how to treat all coworkers with respect and dignity.

So for Marie, it’s time to relax and enjoy her family. But for Summit ToyotaLift, it’s time for change. Matthew Aveni will attempt to fill her shoes. Matthew has worked for Summit as an Intern, and now, after College Graduation, will officially become a full time member of our team.

Congratulations to Marie on her retirement! We will miss our friend as she enjoys her world outside of our Dealership.

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