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Mariotti is known for producing the most compact electric rider forklifts on the market. Their newest model of AC forklifts are no exception. Mariotti’s line of AC sit-down forklifts are able to work in tight, compact spaces where no other forklift can normally operate, each possessing capacities of lifting between 750lbs to 2,300lbs. This allows you to complete your work in different environments.

These forklifts can drive through aisles as narrow as 31 inches, and heights as low as 75 inches. In addition, they can also maneuver through elevators and doorways and successfully distribute a heavy load. The Mariotti AC forklift has mast heights from 113” to 224,” with side shift and power steering. The Mariotti AC lift also has fewer moving parts and less maintenance needs. For added operator safety, the Mariotti comes complete with a strobe light and back-up alarm as standard equipment.

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They are ideal for hospitals, universities and smaller warehouses in metropolitan areas. If your business is planning on expanding its fleet this year, talk to us in order to learn more about the benefits of these unique lifts. Here are a few highlights from the V. Mariotti fleet!

So why is AC power an advantage?

There are a few reasons. First, DC is the simple positive-and-negative type of electricity that you probably experimented with in 7th grade science. One benefit is that it is easy to store in batteries. That is why portable electronics – flashlights, cell phones, laptops – use DC power; they have to store it. Most plug-in vehicles are portable so many use DC batteries, even though most of them have AC motors.

AC electricity’s key advantage is that it can be transmitted economically over long distances. That is why AC power comes in through the power lines to your home, and is what is available at power outlets. Your standard appliances that use electricity directly from an outlet- refrigerators and washing machines, for example, – use AC power. The bottom line is with AC charging stations, you have no need for special grid hookups.

ME AC Series


The ME design includes a small, innovative chassis, cutting edge electronics, specially designed mast, rear gearbox and hydraulic rack and pinion power steering. The results are the groundbreaking new Mariotti ME AC Series of forklifts. Compact simplicity and quality describe the ME. The unique ME design rewards the user with trouble-free maintenance, ease of handling, long lasting performance and low operating costs.


These forklifts have many unique features and are able to work in tight places where no other forklift can operate. This forklift is a mere 43″ long (L2) and has a lifting capacity of 750 Lbs.


Similar to the AC 4, this MYCROS AC 6 is 43″ long (L2) and has a lifting capacity of 1100 Lbs.

Standard features include: power steering, integrated side shift, AC traction motor, electronic lifting control and hydraulic brakes. Seat and controls location are designed for operator’s maximum comfort. MYCROS AC 6C features a 24V, 375Ah battery to achieve optimum run time. The gearbox and the rack & pinion power steering system are exclusive designs of V. MARIOTTI.

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