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Toyota Launches T-Matics


Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived – T-Matics launching! T-Matics, Toyota’s innovative smart forklift system, provides visibility to important forklift data to benefit our customers and help them be more efficient, productive and profitable.

T-Matics provides real-time data and is split into two products:

T-Matics Mobile

T-Matics MOBILE features a proprietary cellular forklift method of data collection.  T-Matics MOBILE:

• Works effectively in nearly all applications
• Provides hour meter readings, impact data and GPS tracking
• Provides error codes when installed on current model TIEM forklifts
• Turnkey System

T-Matics Command

T-Matics COMMAND is a full-featured forklift and operator management system.  T-Matics COMMAND possesses:

• Robust, customizable reporting
• Additional features
• Additional infrastructure support
• Ability to work on enhanced wireless networks

“T-Matics is a unique and exciting telematics solution for Toyota,” said Tim Raper, T-Matics product manager. “The use of near real-time data to keep track of your fleet, manage maintenance needs, create accountability and numerous other T-Matics features facilitate cost-saving decisions by customers and position Toyota dealers as strategic business partners and solutions providers.”

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