New Forklifts

Summit provides lifting equipment for standard and custom applications. Indoor solid cushion tire units are powered by propane or electric and lift up to 15,500 lbs. Typical lift height is fifteen feet. Outdoor units utilize pneumatic tires (optional foam fill and solid rubber), have higher underclearance, and are commonly propane powered up to 17,500 lb. capacity. Outdoor electric units are available up to 7,000 lb. capacity. Diesel engines are generally used for 16, 000 – 100,000 lb. capacity units.

All units have a range of options to customize the unit for your application. Underwriters Laboratory inspected ES and EE ratings is one example. Side shifters, clamps, back up alarms, specialty lights, mirrors and more are also available.

Summit also provides equipment for the “non conventional” application. For example, the CombiLift four way directional lift is the right choice in primarily outdoor applications to carry long loads. Indoor narrow aisle applications are the ‘raison d’etre’ for Drexel and Bendi. Aisles can be reduced to less than five feet in certain applications. Taylor makes very large fork lift truck equipment for steel manufacturers, ports, marinas and many other applications.

If you have old elevators consider the Mariotti. It is light, works in very tight spaces and carries loads to the next floor without exceeding elevator capacity. Looking to move personnel and light loads within your plant or campus, then look at the Columbia product offering. Bobcat is the leader in the skid steer market but they also provide the same high quality product in their lines of mini excavators, track loaders, compact tractors, and utility vehicles.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are often sit down style in three or four wheel configuration; some are stand up.  For warehouses with narrow aisles consider the Toyota reach truck. If you need to pick less than full pallet loads look at our Order Pickers.

‘Walkie’ Lifts

‘Walk behind’ equipment comes in many configurations depending whether you are stacking or not. If no stacking is required, ‘pallet trucks’ (‘jacks’) in ‘rider’ and ‘non rider’ (walkie) configurations have capacities up to 8,000 lbs.  Custom built units have higher capacities to meet your requirement. Stacking units are available in ‘straddle’, ‘reach’ or ‘counterbalanced’ configurations.

For more information on the different types and applications of forklifts, click here, or:

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