Other Brands

Other Brands


One of the United States’ leading manufacturers of industrial forklift and material handling equipment, with over 100 models ranging in lift capacity from 16,000-lbs. to an astounding 120,000-lbs. Taylor is known for heavy duty equipment and is THE name for large forklift trucks.


Combi Lift

This revolutionary product is a multi directional forklift built for the handling of uncommon sized loads with maximum efficiency and safety. It removes the need for both a counterbalance and a sideloader by combining both machines in one simple and easy to use vehicle. With their unique maneuvering capabilities they offer safe and efficient handling of bulky and awkward loads.


Offers a complete range of small, technologically built cutting edge forklifts with capabilities from 750 to 3,000 lbs, lift heights to 243″, front and rear wheel drive options, all  equipped with the latest AC technology.



Besides working in narrow aisles, the Bendis can also work in bulk storage and congested manufacturing areas, in push-back and drive in rack systems, rail cars, and outdoors. The Bendi comes standard with an 11.8 inch (300mm) stroke side shifter and can also be equipped with a variety of hydraulic attachments, such as paper roll clamps, push/pull, drum clamp, and a carton clamp to further enhance its versatility.



When it comes to maximizing your storage space, nothing else measures up to the Landoll Drexel SwingMast lift trucks. Their unique design enables drivers to turn only the mast assembly, not the entire truck. Aisles as narrow as 4-1/2 feet(1.37m), allowing you to store more than ever, can be easily obtained.



Genie products do more than just change how the job is done — they can change the job. The company’s legacy is built on providing contractors with safe ways of working at height. It is what they strive for — getting people safely to aerial work spaces, keeping them safe while they complete the aerial work and safely getting them back down.

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