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Toyota 360 Support Plus

The Advantage of Investing in Planned Maintenance for New Forklifts


Wouldn’t it be nice to have even one thing about your job made easy? One area where …

  • You rarely (if ever) encounter unexpected downtime due to a repair emergency.
  • You have the luxury of being able to plan “work-arounds” ahead of time because you know well in advance what’s happening and when.
  • You have peace of mind that, should you need a last-minute repair, a dedicated partner will have your back and keep your business moving.

Investing in a maintenance plan can make this dream-like scenario a reality for you in your operation’s equipment maintenance and repairs.

Too often, forklift manufacturers are unable or unwilling to provide the type of care and maintenance that can make fleet management easy. With SummitToyotaLift, we’re dedicated to being your full-life material handling partner – long after the sale of a new forklift. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a maintenance plan, like Toyota 360 Support Plus.

What is a Maintenance Plan – And How Can It Help You?

A maintenance plan is exactly what it sounds like: a way for you to plan any necessary, routine maintenance when it’s convenient to you and your business.

This affords you the opportunity to run the show on your own timetable — orchestrating maintenance on a tailor-made schedule so you can optimize workload and keep things moving. As an added bonus, having your forklifts regularly serviced also extends the longevity of your equipment and makes the need for unexpected emergency repairs far less likely.

Best of all? Agreeing to a maintenance plan upfront can often SAVE you money on the cost of maintenance and repairs you would need to have done anyway — not to mention the cost of downtime you might encounter with a more “reactive” approach to maintenance.

Planned Maintenance with Summit ToyotaLift: Toyota 360 Support Plus

To us, Toyota 360 Support Plus is more than a maintenance plan. It’s our promise to provide you with added peace of mind that your forklifts will maintain the operational efficiency you need to keep a competitive edge.

This means a whole year of planned maintenance. Skilled Toyota Certified Technicians. Toyota Genuine Parts that keep your Toyota running like a Toyota. Four-hour guaranteed response times. An Extra Care Warranty. All from a full-support forklift supplier with a name you can trust — Summit ToyotaLift.

Check out our Toyota 360 Support Plus pricing or give us a call at 203.239.5351 for additional information about this industry-leading planned maintenance option.

Toyota 360 Support Plus
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