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An Optimized Warehouse Solutions Layout with The Right Equipment Drives Operational Excellence

An Optimized Warehouse Solutions Layout with The Right Equipment Drives Operational Excellence

Service Vertical Optimization:

Warehouse Solutions

Customer Challenge:

NTT Data, a leader in the supply chain industry, faced significant challenges in optimizing its warehouse operations. With multiple warehouses containing disjointed layouts and limited rack space, they struggled to efficiently manage inventory and maximize storage capacity. Their outdated infrastructure and reliance on gas-powered equipment further hindered their productivity and sustainability efforts.


Recognizing NTT’s need for a comprehensive overhaul, Summit Handling stepped in with a tailored best practice in the industry of a warehouse solution. Led by Salesman Chris Burton, Summit Handling conducted a thorough site assessment collaborating closely with John Ambs, NTT’s Senior Director of Supply Chain, and his local team. Leveraging their professional expertise in warehouse optimization, Summit Handling proposed C.A.D. layout designs that prioritized space utilization and operational safety. To learn more, visit Summit Warehousing Solutions.

To address NTT’s sustainability goals, Summit facilitated a transition that aligned with industry best practices, moving from gas-powered to electric equipment. During the project, Summit Handling navigated complex building codes such as (N.F.P.A.) and (O.S.H.A.) regulations to ensure compliance and mitigate the potential risks. Additionally, Summit Handling collaborated with the architects and builders for the NTT Data site to get approval for the building permitting and completion of the sign-off from the local town for a certificate of occupancy approval.

By taking a holistic approach and considering all the facets of NTT’s warehouse operations, Summit provided a customized solution tailored to their unique challenges.


The implementation of Summit Handling’s solution yielded transformative results for NTT, including:

  • Capacity Enhancement: Summit Handling helped increase NTT’s warehouse capacity from approximately 500 to 2,000 pallet spaces, allowing them to consolidate operations and reduce reliance on third-party logistics providers.
  • Quality and Efficiency Improvements: Optimized layout designs and streamlined processes brought NTT significant improvements in productivity, operational efficiency, and inventory management. Summit Warehousing Solutions
  • Sustainability Gains: The transition to electric equipment aligned directly with NTT’s sustainability initiatives, while resulting in long-term cost savings and reduced environmental impact. Forklifts For Sale in CT, MA & NY | Summit ToyotaLift
  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: Summit’s attention to detail and compliance with safety standards ensured that NTT’s team members were Protected and equipped with the necessary protocols to mitigate risks and enhance workplace safety. Warehouse Accessories – Summit Warehousing
  • Turnkey Services: Project management from the initial free consultation to the job completion walk-through for 100% customer satisfaction, Summit Handling provided the guidance and support needed for a successful implementation of the projected scope of work.

Overall, Summit’s partnership with NTT exemplifies the positive impact of the power of strategic collaboration and innovative solutions in driving operational excellence as a true partner in business. “Reach the Summit with your business today” by meeting with the Summit Handling team.

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