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Forklift Planned Maintenance

Forklift Planned Maintenance

Summit ToyotaLift can help you cut expenses with our planned maintenance (PM) program. Proper maintenance of your lift truck assures top performance over the long haul and extends the life of your forklift with minimal disruption to your business. With Summit Planned Maintenance, you don’t have to worry about scheduling maintenance or equipment downtime. Regular planned maintenance calls are scheduled in advance to avoid any conflict with your operating schedules. Need more info? Read up on the Benefits of Planned Maintenance.

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Why Planned Maintenance?

Planned maintenance is one of the most undervalued services Summit offers. It is more than just an oil change or a look-over of the equipment—it can reduce costs and improve the performance and safety of the equipment at your property. Whether your trucks are breaking down and hindering your production or you’re trying to increase the life expectancy of your assets, a planned maintenance agreement can be exactly what you are looking for.

What’s Included

You will receive a customized plan for on-site, scheduled maintenance services to include three major inspections:

  • Performance and operational checks
  • Lube and servicing
  • A visual inspection

Each inspection is performed by our certified technicians to meet your satisfaction. Whatever the make or model of your lift truck, our technicians can inspect, diagnose and maintain the equipment. They constantly monitor maintenance costs, hours of usage, equipment condition and a variety of other factors that affect lift truck performance.

Programs That Fit Your Needs

Summit offers what best fits your forklift application. We will customize a specific program designed to meet the specific demands of your operation. Whether you are running the trucks in a challenging industrial environment or in a clean warehouse, we have the program for you. By selecting the proper frequency, these service plans will keep your forklift’s factory warranty valid, OSHA compliant, and as productive as the day they were delivered.