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Our Forklift Brands

Customer satisfaction is easy when you represent the world’s largest manufacturer of lift trucks: TOYOTA. Long known for quality automobiles, Toyota began selling forklifts in the U.S in 1967. In 1990 Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing was built in Columbus, Indiana to provide a complete line of domestic-built material handling products. Toyota remains the #1 supplier of lift trucks in North America today.

In addition, SHS represents brands that fill a niche in our region. BOBCAT provides compact equipment, tractors, and utility vehicles; MARIOTTI moves light loads in tight spaces, TAYLOR provides the really big stuff, 18,000- 100,000 lbs. lift capacity. For ‘Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)’ the DREXEL and BENDI products provide a myriad of solutions. COMBILIFT 4-way directional equipment provides the solution in long load applications. COLUMBIA PAR-CAR is an innovative manufacturer of electric personnel and burden carriers for the plant and on road NEV applications.