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Not all forklift rentals are created equal. When you factor all of the different sizes and specifications a forklift can have, there are over a thousand varieties—and that’s where we come in. Summit ToyotaLift has over 1,000 forklifts to rent, so that you have the equipment you need to get the job done right.

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Forklift rental is usually more complicated than knowing how heavy your load is. Our in-house experts will guide you through the selection process and get you a forklift rental or lease as soon as you’re ready to accept it. If you’d like an in-person consultation, make an appointment with a field expert who will help identify the right forklift for you. Our forklift rental services are available in CT, MA & NY. Consultations are free of charge and easy to schedule.

Once you’ve found the forklift you need, it has to be well-maintained to get the job done. Our equipment comes home after every forklift rental for a thorough evaluation and service, rather than shuttled from job site to job site—meaning it’ll be ready to do the job right. Specialization and expertise set us apart from other forklift companies, but you be the judge—call us today!

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