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From the Summit Blog

Safety, maintenance, and purchasing information on everything from lug nuts to lifts.

  • Importances of Regular Hydraulic Maintenance

    A key component of a forklift that many people overlook when it comes to maintenance is its hydraulic system. The hydraulic system is the muscle of a forklift that allows it to hoist the amount of tremendous weight that it lifts daily. It is important to keep it regularly maintained because if it fails, it may cause a significant damage. We recommend changing your hydraulic fluids every 1,000 hours of operation. Please keep in mind that different working condition and the brand's requirements may alter this recommendation.

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  • 10 Common Forklift Accidents & How They Can Be Prevented

    The material handling industry will recognize National Forklift Safety Day on June 8th. Forklift safety is not just something that you should focus on when accidents occur. Safety needs to a consistent and reinforced element of your corporate culture. Safety is not what you do, it must be a part of who you are. Take a look at these common causes of forklift accidents.

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  • Forklift Inspections & Pre-Operation Checklists

    Forklifts are a common sight in many industries. Whether used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail applications or elsewhere, forklifts are crucial tools in the daily operations and supply chains of most businesses. Download our checklists that you should go through before operating any forklifts.

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Whether you are looking to buy a forklift, rent a forklift, or repair one, Summit ToyotaLift has you covered. We are the Northeast’s leading forklift dealership, and with 50+ years of experience, we have the forklift inventory, expertise, and footprint to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. Summit ToyotaLift also provides unmatched forklift service and support, including forklift maintenance and repairs for all makes and models.

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