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XF Mid IC Outdoor

Hangcha XF Mid IC Outdoor

In developing the XF Series, comfort and ease of operation is carefully considered, for example, to improve vibration levels, compound engine damper and full floating power train are adopted. Comfortable operating environments for operator also contribute to increased productivity. The XF Mid outdoor ranges from 8,000 to 11,000 lbs. lifting capacity within a small and maneuverable cabin allowing for maximum productivity.

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XF Mid IC Outdoor

  • Dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system, Efficiency lighting system, lower fuel consumption, combine to provide increased productivity and reduced operating costs.
  • The new efficiency lighting system employs LED illuminant and new type reflector to reduce energy consumption, improve significantly illumination performance and prolong work time.
  • A lineup of powerful and clean engines and environment friendly materials help to reduce the output of undesirable substances over the lifetime of the truck, while creating a cleaner work environment.
  • In developing the new XF Series, comfort and ease of operation is carefully considered, for example, to improve vibration levels, compound engine damper and full floating power train are adopted. Comfortable operating environments for operator also contribute to increased productivity.
  • In addition to rubber damper between frames and steering axle, compound engine damper and full floating power train achieve flexible connection between frames and driving system, as a result, traveling vibrations and vibrations from the driving system are significantly reduced.
  • The enlarged capacity of optimized exhaust muffler, the intake muffler and the noise shield technologies provide significantly lower noise levels.
  • The new, relocated easy-to-see LCD meter lets the operator check on all aspects of operational status at a glance.
  • The new automobile-style light/turn-signal lever and forward-reverse lever are ergonomically designed and arranged to improve comfort and productivity.
  • The small diameter steering wheel with tilt adjustment provides the ideal operating position. The superior responsiveness of the steering wheel optimizes maneuverability even in narrow spaces.
  • The parking brake is specially developed. The operational force is reduced by 30%.
  • The automobile-style suspended pedals provide more ergonomic operation.
  • The extra foot space is provided to reduce operator fatigue significantly. The new wide-open, non-slip step makes getting in and out easy and safe. The optional Electro-hydraulic proportional control system contributes more sensitive and precise load handling. The easy-to-operate levers provide total load handling operation. An armrest is provided to reduce fatigue.
  • In addition to the soft landing system, the soft lifting system is adopted (front lifting cylinders of triplex mast and full free duplex mast), as a result, the noise and shock of the mast significantly decreases.
  • The developed front lifting cylinders with smaller outer diameter give the operator superior forward visibility. The double front lifting cylinders provide better forward visibility.
  • A wide range of technologies are applied to ensure absolute safety for both the operator and those in the surrounding.
  • An optional rear-pillar assist grip with a horn button enhances safety of operator while traveling in reverse. The locking device of the engine hood damper and parking brake help add to safety.
  • The operator presence sensing system incorporates lifting / tilting and traveling locking function, When the operator leaves the seat, the system automatically locks lifting / tilting and disables traveling to ensure safety.
  • A throttling device is adopted to avoid the mast being out of control even some pipes are broken.
  • The new controller integrates all electrical components, features excellent durability for temperature, water and vibration for most demanding operation.
  • The cover on the Panel can be lifted up simply to check the brake fluid.
  • The easy-to-operate latch provides quick access to the engine compartment.
  • The two-piece design makes the floorboard easy to lift and remove for access to the power train.
  • The fasteners of the radiator cover can be turned easily by hand to enable quick inspections or servicing.
  • Full cabin
  • Cabin heater
  • Front window
  • Solid pneumatic tires
  • Non-mark tyre(white)
  • Suspension seat
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cover of tilt cylinder
  • Heightening overhead guard
  • Rear handle with horn
  • Customer painting
  • OPS(Operator Presence Sensing system)
  • Boot for tilt cylinder
  • Dual driving tyre
  • Big capacity copper radiator
  • Radiator screen
  • Auxiliary hydraulic valve
  • Electro-hydraulic proportional control system
  • Return oil filter
  • Front working light
  • Rear working light
  • Warning lamp
  • Over-speed alarm
  • Duplex wide view free-lift mast


8,000 - 10,000 lbs.LOAD CAPACITY
106 - 114 in.TURNING RADIUS

* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Hangcha dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Hangcha dealer prior to purchase.