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EK Man-Up Order Picker Turret Truck

Steinbock EK Man-Up Order Picker Turret Truck

With the experience of building over 4000 custom Man-Up style Turret Trucks, the STEINBOCK Magaziner Series represents a multi-faceted further development of new & proven technology. At its inception, the EK vehicles had to excel in all areas, in order to compete with full-line manufacturers that utilize this style of vehicle as a flagship model. The Steinbock EK Series is built to suit customers' exact requirements with exceptional performance and safety.

New & Used Models Available for Purchase or Rent


  • The EK turret forklifts transport and lift numerous tons of products daily. Every duty cycle for a man-up style turret truck also lifts the mast, cab, and load handler, a weight that is not productive when considering energy consumption. Our patented mast – cabin – load handler construction reduces this weight while strengthening the overall vehicle structure. This results in greater stability and the ability to provide additional duty cycles on the same battery charge.
  • The EK-Series offers a wide spectrum of Load Handling Devices, for an enormous variety of applications. Of course, we consider the Load Handling Device an integral part of the truck – not an attachment.
  • Extreme narrow aisles can be achieved with telescopic forks. In conjunction with rail guidance, they typically handle skids or 4-way pallets without bottom boards.

Lane Control Systems Options:

  • Aisle Recognition – Guide Rail applications – the steered wheel is automatically set straight – and manual steering disabled – the vehicle requires 2 hands on the controls when operating within the narrow working aisle.
  • Guide Rollers – Low Profile guide rail system which allows the standard forks to enter pallets on the floor – avoiding the rack requirement for a lower beam level.
  • Wire Guidance – Wire guidance is a reliable means of steering the VNA forklift in a narrow aisle. The onboard electronics sense a frequency emitted by the floor-embedded wire guide path.
  • Wide and low cabin entry step
  • Spacious cab with exceptional leg & headroom
  • Adaptable operator console to suit both, a standing or sitting operation
  • Weight adjustable comfort floating seat with various adjustments and optional seat heater
  • The cab offers padded flooring to minimize vibration and fatigue, carpeted walls to reduce noise levels and provides numerous storage compartments
  • Clearview mast design
  • Rounded chassis contour
  • Low support & guide channel construction of turret fork load handling device
  • Large view windows in the front cabin wall
  • LED display – vehicle-mounted
  • USB connection for laptops and notebooks
  • Optional enclosed cabin for cooler and freezer environment
  • Engineering performance with lighter construction weights for the cabin and mast offers greater strength to allow for additional load capacity.
  • Standard use of special two-stage masts and integral supports.
  • Optimum weight distribution and overall low center of gravity.
  • GSM connection for remote diagnostics
  • CAN-Bus connection for diagnostic reader
  • Motor compartment protected by thick steel doors
  • Massive protected load wheels
  • Turret load handling device with large distance between support bearings
  • Quick access to components for rapid service
  • Modular open system for cost efficiency


2425 - 4400 lbs.LOAD CAPACITY
354 - 672 in.LIFT HEIGHT
EK 11003912824253547.58248/80
EK 12004712826453967.58448/80
EK 13004713128653967.58748/80
EK 13504713329754807.58548/80
EK 15004714333006007.59680
EK 1500XL6314333006727.59680
EK 20004714744006007.59680
EK 2000HL4714729756007.59680

* Based on 24" Load center
** Standard lift height.
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Steinbock dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Steinbock dealer prior to purchase.