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Low Level Order Picker

ePicker Low Level Order Picker

The ePicker Low Level Order Picker (JX2-72) is the ideal tool for companies looking to increase pick locations and pick rate with a small flexible machine. By bringing operators several feet off the ground and products up to waist level for handling, the ePicker Low Level Order Picker (JX2-72) is a great choice for broken case picking operations such as e-commerce and retail store support.

Compact and highly maneuverable, the ePicker Low Level Order Picker (JX2-72) is a perfect fit for both small retail aisles and large distribution centers.

New & Used Models Available for Purchase or Rent


  • AC drive motor provides high torque throughout the entire drive range.
  • The brushless design of the AC motors drastically reduces maintenance costs while extending duty cycle.
  • Travel speed remains constant relative to throttle position regardless of the load on the truck.
  • 36″ long forks
  • Non-marking tires
  • Hydraulic front mini mast with independent controls
  • Ergonomic fingertip control for travel, lift, and lower functions provide the operator with logical intuitive drive characteristics while traveling at elevation or lowered.
  • The operator compartment is designed for comfort and features an ergonomic floormat and forward and backrest cushion.
  • Retractable compartment side rails allow for easy egress from either side of the vehicle.
  • Low 9″ step height compartment
  • LCD dashboard displays hour meter, battery state of charge, travel speed, drive wheel directional indicator, and fault codes.
  • (4) selectable travel speed settings and a global turtle travel speed setting can be used to tailor equipment performance to the experience level of the operator and use.
  • Heavy-duty I-beam design provides operators with excellent stability at height.
  • Steel mast channels and side-mounted lift cylinders increase total vehicle capacity and service life.
  • Three-point chassis design along with a 180° drive motor steering arc provides exceptional maneuverability.
  • Powerhead-mounted stability casters add additional truck stability and operator confidence at working heights.
  • Regenerative braking is applied when the operator removes their hand from travel control or when plugging occurs.
  • An electromagnetic parking brake is applied after the truck is stopped.
  • Rear flashing light
  • Battery compartment rollers



* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized ePicker dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized ePicker dealer prior to purchase.