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Specialized High-Capacity Very Narrow Aisle Swingmast®

Drexel Specialized High-Capacity Very Narrow Aisle Swingmast®


The Drexel model SL120 is a specialized high capacity SwingMast® model that works in aisles as narrow as 72 in., has a basic capacity of 12,000 lbs. at a 24 in. load center and has lift heights available to 243 in.

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Specialized High-Capacity Very Narrow Aisle Swingmast®

The SL120 is a 4-Wheel SwingMast® VNA and Side Loading Forklift with independently driven front wheels and dual rear steer tires. The front mast rotates 90° and has side shift of 44 in., allowing stacking easily in very narrow aisles. The SL120 can also work inside and outside on paved surfaces, can perform the jobs of a high capacity front loading and side loading forklift combined including working in bulk storage, cantilever rack and climbing steep ramps. The SL120 performs the jobs of a high capacity counterbalanced truck but in aisles over 40% smaller. The ability to store and transport heavy long loads as a side loader increases versatility and maximizes utilization.

  • Four-wheel design, independently driven front drive wheels and dual rear steering wheels provide excellent maneuverability and traction
  • Front wheel, self adjusting wet disc brakes
  • Dual joysticks control all hydraulic functions
  • Large battery compartment allows maximum battery capacity for long run times
  • High efficiency controllers provide trouble free operation
  • 72 volt electrical system
  • Ergonomic design for exceptional operator comfort
  • Adjustable suspension seat improves operator comfort
  • High visibility mast allows optimum safety and view of loads and forks
  • Hydrostatic power steering provides smooth, reliable, long-lasting steering control
  • Safety seat switch and retractable seat belt
  • Battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt, hour meter with service monitor and diagnostic code display are standard
  • Series traction and hydraulic motors ensure minimal maintenance and high efficiency
  • LED Headlights, flashing light, rear safety lights
  • Backup alarm
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Long load handling deck mount
  • Lift limit
  • Integral fork positioner
  • Non-standard fork lengths
  • Auxiliary hydraulics
  • “X” Groove polyurethane drive and steer tires