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A Series Electric Stock Picker

Hangcha A Series Electric Stock Picker

The A Series Electric Stock Picker is designed to meet order fulfillment needs in narrow aisle environments. This stock picker has a comprehensive safety protection system, excellent ergonomics, and an advanced control system. Being reliable, comfortable, safe, and stable, all while providing excellent performance, it is the perfect choice for increasing productivity in small load order fulfilling environments such as retail and manufacturing applications.

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A Series Electric Stock Picker

  • The brushless AC traction motor features excellent acceleration, outstanding climbing ability, low heat emission, and is maintenance-free.
  • The advanced CURTIS control system provides precise, smooth, and efficient control of the stock picker.
  • CANBUS structure allows for the whole vehicle to communicate faster and more reliably.
  • The vehicle’s frame is robust and reliable thanks to its high-strength steel frame structure.
  • All of the stock picker’s wires and cables are protected. This greatly improves the reliability of the electrical system.
  • Switches, connectors, instruments, and other key parts are all high-quality products with excellent performance and quality.
  • The truck is designed for smooth lifting, lowering, and stability when stock picking to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Lifting & lowering of the mast are buffered to enable more comfort.
  • CURTIS multi-function instruments include functions such as mode selection and wheel position. The instruments also clearly display various information about the order picker.
  • The low mast provides the operator with perfect visibility.
  • The controller offers limits the stock picker’s speed when cornering to ensure smooth and safe operation.
  • The safety pedals include a sensor to ensure the operator has their feet properly positioned on the platform. It automatically stops travel, lift, and lower functions if the operator doesn’t have their foot on the pedal.
  • The hydraulic system has an emergency manual lowering valve that can be operated from the rear of the stock picker to lower the platform.
  • The brushless AC motor is maintenance-free. This saves the end-user time and money.
  • The integrated display shows remaining power, advanced diagnostics, and timing for convenience when operating and maintaining the stock picker.
  • The rear hood can be easily removed. This is convenient for maintenance of the hydraulic unit, electric control, motor, and other parts.


1,000 lbs. LOAD CAPACITY

* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Hangcha dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Hangcha dealer prior to purchase.