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A Series Order Picker Lithium-ion

Hangcha A Series Order Picker Lithium-ion

The A Series Electric Lithium-ion Three-Wheel High Level Order Picker is designed to meet order fulfillment needs in narrow aisle environments. This order picker has a comprehensive safety protection system, excellent ergonomics, and an advanced control system. Being reliable, comfortable, safe, and stable, all while providing excellent performance, it is the perfect choice for stock picking in a stereoscopic warehouse of 197”-366” in height.

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A Series Order Picker Lithium-ion

  • The maximum full-load travel speed is 7.5mph. This allows for an increase in productivity.
  • The German ZF gearbox and German Schabmueller AC drive and steering motors provide performance, stability, and are reliable.
  •  Fully variable lift and lower speeds provide precise control.
  • The AC hydraulic lifting system is highly efficient and maintenance-free.
  • The advanced CURTIS control system provides precise, smooth, and efficient control of the order picker.
  • CANBUS structure allows for the whole vehicle to communicate faster and more reliably.
  • The manual-locking pallet clamp works on a wide range of pallets. It also accommodates pallet stringers ranging from 1″ to 2″ so operators can safely handle any pallet.
  • The A Series Order Picker provides operators with an unobstructed view contributing to an increase in the operator’s confidence at height.
  • As a part of the standard configuration, a height sensor is provided.
  • Shifting and lifting or lowering of the mast are buffered to enable more comfort.
  • CURTIS multi-function instruments include functions such as mode selection and wheel position. The instruments also clearly display various information about the order picker.
  • The LORD steering gear with torque feedback is provided to enable higher operating safety and operator comfort.
  • The full body harness provides protection for the operator.
  • A tilt switch sensor is provided to improve operational safety.
  • The left and right guardrails are equipped with safety switches.
  • The function of proportional speed reduction in corners is equipped as standard to ensure smooth and safe turning.
  • An emergency lowering feature is included standard. This operation can be carried out via the control platform or from the rear of the vehicle, respectively.
  • With a safety factor of 10, the mast chain is equipped with a chain safety switch.
  • The vehicle’s frame is robust and reliable thanks to its high-strength steel frame structure.
  • All of the order picker’s wires and cables are protected. This greatly improves the reliability of the electrical system.
  • Switches, connectors, instruments, and other key parts are all high-quality products with excellent performance and quality.
  • The brushless AC motor is maintenance-free. This saves the end-user time and money.
  • The integrated power display, timing, and fault self-diagnosis meter are convenient for maintenance.
  • The rear hood can be easily removed without tools. This is convenient for maintenance of the hydraulic unit, electric control, motor, and other parts.
  • Side Roller
  • Blue Light
  • Head Lamp
  • Wire Mesh Screen



* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Hangcha dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Hangcha dealer prior to purchase.