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A Series Mini Walkie Pallet Jack

Hangcha A Series Mini Walkie Pallet Jack

The A series Mini Walkie Pallet Truck has been engineered to be both powerful and flexible to meet the requirements of many demanding applications. Whether it’s supermarket work, delivery service, stock replenishment or heavy manufacturing, the A series Mini Walkie Pallet Truck has the strength and durability to minimize your total cost of ownership.

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A Series Mini Walkie Pallet Jack

  • The load capacity is 3,000lbs, which can satisfy the handling demand of most customers.
  • The truck can run for up to 6 hours between charges.
  • Full-load grade-ability of the truck can reach 8%, thanks to its high-performance brush-less drive motor.
  • It is equipped with a permanent magnet brush-less drive motor, with excellent performance. It is also equipped with a new 48V power supply system, with extremely low heat generation.
  • The latest CURTIS permanent magnet brush-less control system offers excellent power, high-efficiency, and stable control performance.
  • The tiller, controller, connectors, battery plug, battery condition meter, timer, and switches are all parts from industry known suppliers to ensure reliability, performance, and ease of service.
  • The REMA Tiller is simple and reliable. It allows the operator to perform all of the operations easily with one hand.
  • The truck is designed to provide a terrific operating view of the truck.
  • The built-in charger and rubber enclosed maintenance-free battery are very convenient to use.
  • Thanks to the truck’s small design, operating it is easy, flexible, and extremely convenient. The upright-tiller running function also allows it to work within confined spaces, such as a container.
  • Standard height of the fork is 3.15”. A guiding device is implemented to make loading and unloading pallets easier. This works with American closed-deck, and European double-deck pallets).
  • With an integrated battery assembly and nylon guiding device added at the base plate, the battery is easy to swap out.
  • Release braking, reverse braking, and three types of emergency braking ensures safety when operating.
  • The pallet jack does not slide on a slope thanks to regenerative braking ensuring safety during operation
  • The emergency reverse button at top of the tiller helps to avoid operator injury effectively in case of emergency during the backward operation of the truck.
  • Goods are protected thanks to the electronic lifting limiter and the smart controller limiter found on the standard configuration. These limiters work to avoid impact when the fork is lifted to the top of the mast and offer protection to the motor.
  • The pallet jack has a three-point support design, side support system, and elastic auxiliary wheels to guarantee safety and reliability.
  • With optimized design, and lifting rod is steady and reliable, bearing a small force.
  • All plug connectors are waterproof. All of the wires and cables are also protected to increase the reliability of the electrical system.
  • The cutting-edge, reliable, hydraulic power unit features low noise, small vibration, and provides stable lifting and lowering of loads.
  • Stamped molded fork provides higher strength and impact resistance. They also are more efficient by working together with the fork-tip guiding function.
  • The interlock switch is extremely reliable due to being a non-contact proximity switch.
  • The one-piece iron wheel hood offers protection to the truck body against external impacts.
  • As a standard configuration, the built-in charger and the gel battery requires no maintenance work. The battery indicator will prompt the user to charge the battery.
  • Engine cover can be opened fully, and all components and parts are clear at a glance, which is very convenient for maintenance of the entire machine.
  • All rotating shafts are equipped with a lubricating sleeve and oil cup. This is designed to give the rotating shafts a long service life.
  • Alternative fork lengths and widths
  • Tandem load wheel
  • Different length of fork
  • PIN lock
  • Various fork lengths
  • Various outer distances between forks
  • Fork Width 22” distance from fork surface to ground
  • Single load wheel



* Based on 24" Load center
** Add load length and clearance
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details. Authorized Hangcha dealers retain the most current product specifications. All specifications should be verified by an authorized Hangcha dealer prior to purchase.