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Toyota’s New 1ZS Diesel Engine


This past year, Toyota introduced a new diesel engine type for its award winning 8-Series Forklift Line specifically for Toyota Material Handling Equipment. The new 1ZS diesel engine is unlike any diesel engine before it.  The 1.8 liter, 3-cylinder engine features the latest electronic fuel injection system that delivers substantial improvements over the previous 4-cylinder engine it replaces.

The newest forklifts expand Toyota’s comprehensive diesel pneumatic line, which now provides 3,000 to 17,500 lb. capacity models that meet the federal EPA Tier 4 Final regulations.  The 1ZS engine maintains the horsepower and increases the torque while achieving greater fuel savings.  There are many more benefits that this engine offers.

World’s smallest electronically controlled variable nozzle turbocharger: A new, compact turbocharger specially designed to deliver high torque even at low speeds.

DPF-less engine system: The engine achieves dramatic improvement in combustion efficiency by combining the increased fresh air–delivered by the newly developed turbo charger–and atomized fuel spray provided by the direct injection common-rail fuel injection system via a newly designed combustion chamber.  This eliminates the need for the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) normally required for catching the diesel exhaust particles.

New Load Sensing Power Steering: The new common-rail diesel engine includes Load Sensing Power Steering.  This controls oil flow for power steering according to the load weight, allowing better fuel efficiency. This also leads to low effort steering control and contributes to better drivability for the operator.

Fuel Efficiency:
An economy mode was innovated in the 1ZS to help improve the truck’s fuel efficiency throughout the day. An auto-stop function can be pre-set to stop the engine automatically when idling, reducing excessive fuel consumption. The engine is 25% more energy efficient than its predecessor.

There was an emphasis on improving reliability and maximizing uptime in the design of the new 8-series diesel models. Toyota engines are designed and produced in-house, enabling a unique control over quality, reliability and durability.

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