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Forklift Tires

Solid industrial tires, including “cushion” rubber press-on, pneumatic and solid pneumatic tires, as well as polyurethane press-on forklift tires must be pressed onto the wheel to ensure that the equipment works with maximum efficiency and conforms to safety standards.

Forklift tires that are not professionally installed by a licensed dealer may even void the manufacturer’s warranty. ‘Industrial Tire’ division of Summit Handling has heavy-duty, mobile tire presses that are specifically designed to press a wide variety of styles and sizes of tires for just about any application. Our Mobile Press Technicians have undergone a rigorous and extensive training process so that you can be assured that when our press truck arrives the job will be done right!

To purchase forklift tires in CT, MA or NY, call

(203) 239-4141

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Forklift Tire Types

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Summit Tire Flyer

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