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Mycros AC Series

Mariotti Mycros AC Series

1,500 - 2,300 LB. LOAD CAPACITY

As the “Full Feature” series of Mariotti forklifts, the MYCROS AC is the only series with rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive; suitable for all your traction needs.

New & Used Models Available for Purchase or Rent


Mycros AC is the new range of three-wheel, sit down, electric lift trucks featuring numerous technical enhancements. With capacities ranging from 1,100 lbs. to 2,300 lbs., Mycros AC lift trucks offer rear, front, and all wheel drive options, electronic curve speed control (CSC), cushion or solid tires, AC motors, integral side shift, power steering and lift heights up to 224 in.

  • 114 in. duplex mast (additional options available)
  • Length without forks: 52.9 – 58.8 in.
  • Truck Weight with Battery: 4,894 – 5,820 lbs.
  • Fully adjustable steering column
  • Suspension driver’s seat with three positions and adjustable seat cushion, seat back and armrest
  • Increased space in operator’s compartment
  • Easy to reach controls with updated gearshift
  • Compact rack and pinion steering provides driving precision, reliability and less energy output


  • Fast and slow driving options
  • Storage tray and bottle holder
  • LED rear tail lights and safety lights


  • Every part of the truck can be easily accessed by the side panels or by removing the Quick-Change Mast (QCM)
  • Software package gives you the ability to make a complete diagnosis of the system and change truck settings
  • Rigid or soft side cab enclosure
  • Freezer package
  • Side battery removal
  • Dual pedal
  • LED work lights
  • Non-marking tires
  • Seat with headrest (standard on MYCROS AC 10/13)


76 - 79 IN.HEIGHT
33 - 36 IN.WIDTH
Mycros 8C RWD32.952.975.8224104.51500Rear Wheel
Mycros 8C FWD32.952.976.8224104.51500Front Wheel
Mycros 8C AWD32.952.976.8224104.51500All Wheel
Mycros 10C RWD32.952.976.8224104.51950Rear wheel
Mycros 10C FWD32.952.976.8224104.51950Front Wheel
Mycros 10C AWD32.952.976.8224104.51950All Wheel
Mycros 10 RWD35.858.878.7224110.31950Rear Wheel
Mycros 10 FWD35.858.878.7224110.31950Front Wheel
Mycros 10 AWD35.858.878.7224110.31950All Wheel
Mycros 13 RWD35.858.878.7224110.32300Rear Wheel
Mycros 13 FWD35.858.878.7224110.32300Front Wheel
Mycros 13 AWD35.858.878.7224110.32300All Wheel

* Without forks
** Considers load length and 3 in. clearance
*** Based on 24" Load center
Product specifications may not reflect the most current product details.