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4-Wheel Articulating Very Narrow Aisle Electric

Bendi 4-Wheel Articulating Very Narrow Aisle Electric


The Bendi model B40VAC works in aisles as narrow as 72 in., has a base capacity of 4,000 lbs. (24 in. load center) and lift heights available to 30 ft. This high-performance VNA Model has fast travel speeds and can climb steep ramps. 

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4-Wheel Articulating Very Narrow Aisle Electric

The Bendi B40VAC is a 4-wheel articulating forklift with dual independently driven rear-drive tires and soft-poly front load tires. Excellent traction, braking, and power enable climbing steep ramps with loads. Three masts are available making this unit excellent for loading/unloading trailers and containers. The B40VAC can also work inside and outside on paved surfaces and has a floating front axle allowing the truck to ride smoothly over uneven floors. The Bendi B40VAC does all of the jobs of reach and counterbalanced trucks but in much narrower aisles.

  • Four-wheel design, dual rear wheel drive provides excellent power, braking, and traction
  • Independently controlled rear wheels allow independent speed control of each drive tire based on steering angle
  • 48 volt electrical system
  • Integral wide stroke sideshifter makes placing and picking loads effortless
  • Front wheel hydraulic steering provides smooth, reliable, long-lasting steering control
  • Interactive LCD status monitor (BDI with lift interrupt, hour meter with service monitor, diagnostic code display, input device calibration)
  • Ergonomic design for exceptional operator comfort and safety
  • High visibility mast allows optimum safety and control
  • Creep speed mode adds enhanced control when handling loads at high elevations or while training operators
  • AC traction and hydraulic motors ensure minimal maintenance and high efficiency
  • High-efficiency Curtis AC controllers provide trouble free operation