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Hangcha Group is a global full-line forklift manufacturer. We are the largest forklift
exporter in China for the past 12 consecutive years.  Since 1956, we continue to specialize in the engineering and manufacturing of high-quality forklifts and warehouse equipment. HC Forklift America is wholly invested and owned by Hangcha Group. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, HC Forklift America provides quality forklift and warehouse products, a large inventory of spare parts, and the services needed to support our dealers and customers across the country.

Hangcha Group offers a complete product fleet of material handling equipment from 1-48t internal combustion forklift, 0.75-18t electric counterbalance forklift truck, warehouse equipment, side loader, tow tractor, container crane, empty container stacker, rough terrain forklift, telescopic arm forklift, aerial work platform, AGV (automatic guided vehicles) and more, which in total are more than 10 thousand specifications. Independently developed new products have won Progress Prizes in Science and Technology from city, provincial to the state level. We are honored the National Customer Satisfaction Product, and our leading products obtained the national export exemption qualification.

Electric Forklifts:

Electric Lithium-Ion Forklifts:

Electric Order Picker, Narrow Aisle and Pallet Jacks:

Electric Lithium-Ion Order Picker, Narrow Aisle and Pallet Jacks:

IC Indoor Forklifts:

IC Outdoor Forklifts:

Rough Terrain IC Forklifts:

Tow Tractors:

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